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Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions: Magic and Magicians

You are presented with five plants and asked to pull up one to reveal your ingredient prize, again waiting five minutes before you can pick again. These ingredients are then used for potion brewing necessities such as health potions there will be 10 potions available at launch , with skills such as brewing time, yield and quantity being able to be upgraded as you progress.

Your biggest Harry Potter: Wizards Unite questions, answered

At present, you can take on a Fortress with up to four others making a total of five. However, to take part in these you need to use rune stones which you obtain from the Confoundables and treasure chests. The first is that Fortresses have 10 levels, as you beat each one you progress to the next, more challenging, level.

The map with a flag, Confoundable, fortress, and greenhouse, then a sample of what to expect in a greenhouse and fortress. This is done by tracing the spell symbol shown on your screen, including swiping then urged to defend. Your success is based on the accuracy and speed of your trace and luck.

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All victorious battles reward you with experience, contributing to your overall level, however landmark events are the key ones to keep an eye out for. According to Niantic, there will be over AR events at launch. Wizards Unite lets you choose from three professions: Auror, Magizoologist and Professor. As you gain experience and gain items, you can invest into progressing in your chosen field. Each of these professions has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to battle so, when you take on a Fortress, you should be a bit strategic about how you approach the battle and who takes on which enemy.

Fortunately, if you change your mind about your profession, you can change your choice at no cost, while keeping the progress you made in that profession. You first create your Ministry of Magic ID by taking a selfie you can then customize through AR: including adding hats, wigs, glasses etc. You can later choose your specific Hogwarts house and wand for that extra personal feel.

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However, despite being built on the same AR software, the similarities become more distinct as you play. The Wizards Unite world is a living and breathing map, complete with owls swooping overhead, spell remnants from other players and ingredients to scoop up on your journey. This dynamic map means that a variety of aspects influence the creatures, events and ingredients you come across, including moon phase, weather and time.

What is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Set in the present day, Wizards Unite sees the Wizarding World facing an existential crisis which is threatening to explore the magical world to muggles. The Ministry of Magic is calling for wizards aka players to join a task force in an effort to locate these magical items, dispel the confounding magic surrounding them and return them before muggles catch sight. Future University. Image credit: Niantic. Cut to the chase What is it?

There are many kinds of wizards, each one with a different color. There is at most one wizard of each color at any given time until one is destroyed or returned to the Realms of Ephysiyies.

10 Most Powerful Wizards In Harry Potter

Each color derives their power from a different source, usually two contradictory forces. However, the color is not an indicator of relative strength or rank. Each wizard can also master one or more Realm of Ephysiyies.

Since the Yellow Wizard is the Master of Space and Time, this is entirely possible, assuming Usidore did not misspeak. Wizards should not be confused with magicians, mages, witches, conjurers, or anyone else who learns magic instead of being born with it. Wizards will insist that they are more powerful than any of these people. One way of doing magic seems to be speaking spells aloud, and even the untrained can cast simple spells. Spells are shared by writing runes in books and scrolls, and in order to cast them, you must not only know how to read the runes, but interpret them as well.

Magic that manipulates things that already exist is much easier than creating things out of nothing this is Morklor's Law of Appearances. Despite the name, magical beings who are not wizards can also enter this state as well.


A Wizard Did It - TV Tropes

It is unclear what the benefit of this is, if there is any. This is a different form of concentration when the wizard has their mind set on a single goal. This differs from the Wizard State in that wizards can hear the outside world and remain cognizant of what they say and do. Occasionally, channelling so much powerful magic through their bodies causes wizards to experience Powerful Magic Seething, a state where they become irritable and enraged.

A magical battle between wizards is known as a "wizard fight", or "wi-fi" for short not to be confused with a "witches' fight" by the same name. Most wizards are created full formed in their adult bodies, and do not age. They are outwardly human by appearance but are very durable and difficult to kill. According to Usidore the Blue a wizard cannot be killed by stabbing, freezing, fire, or drowning.

A wizard that is maimed or dismembered will regrow a missing part, though it is not always the same part that was lost. All wizards have two buttholes. Wizards are known to undergo training to hone their magical prowess. The most famous place for wizards to train is the Great Halls of Terr'akkas.

As wizards are often created fully formed, one presumes that there are a subset of wizards who are created as children and must grow into adulthood. Share on. Edit History Tags Source. Hello from the Magic Tavern. Create account or Sign in. Gormpelious Clear?

Wizards Can Do Anything Wizards Can Do Anything
Wizards Can Do Anything Wizards Can Do Anything
Wizards Can Do Anything Wizards Can Do Anything
Wizards Can Do Anything Wizards Can Do Anything
Wizards Can Do Anything Wizards Can Do Anything
Wizards Can Do Anything Wizards Can Do Anything
Wizards Can Do Anything Wizards Can Do Anything
Wizards Can Do Anything Wizards Can Do Anything

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