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Tik-Tok of Oz - L. Frank Baum - Hardcover

Publication date Usage Public Domain Mark 1. Frank Baum. Read in English by Phil Chenevert In this really exciting and well written story of Oz, the Shaggy Man is on a quest to find his long lost brother. But all does not go smoothly. Oh no.

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Because his brother is being held prisoner deep underground by the evil, grumpy and not very nice King of the Gnomes, Along the way to find him, he is joined by Polychrome, a Daughter of the Rainbow a fairy , Betsy Bobbin a human girl , Hank a small mule and Betsy's faithful protector , Tik-Tok the famous wind up mechanical man , the Rose Princess an ex fairy who is now a mortal , Ann the Queen of the Oogaboos on her way to conquer the world , her army 17 officers and one private, File , a tunnel through the earth, the famous and all powerful Jin-Jin and last but definitely not least, Quox a young dragon who talks funny and was great fun to read.

The scrapes and adventures this motley crew get into are enough fill a book. In fact, this is the book! Kaliko secretly reassembled Tik-Tok, but does not tell his master.

Tik-Tok of Oz

Ruggedo then mistook the rebuilt Tik-Tok for a ghost. Ever after, he was colored whitish-grey in color plates, apparently a mistake. Although Tik-Tok is a major character in that latter book, he in no way drives the plot. Tik-Tok also appears in most other Oz novels as a notable inhabitant of the Emerald City , most prominently in The Scalawagons of Oz , in which he operates the production of the Scalawagons. In the comic book Oz Squad , Tik-Tok's "Internal Clockwork Morality Spring" winds down and causes him to act violent and sexual, though he closely resembles Neill's depiction.

In the novel, tiktok is used as an adjective for any mechanical or robotic being. The character Madame Morrible has a tiktok servant, called Grommetik , whose description matches Baum's Tik-Tok; however, this character's speech key is never wound.


Tik TOK of OZ

It is strongly implied that this tiktok servant kills Doctor Dillamond , on Madame Morrible's orders. Though no great detail is spent on the topic, Grommetik eventually becomes independent, and, possibly due to disgust of the things he was forced to do, tries to foment rebellion among the tik-toks. John Sladek 's novel Tik-Tok turns Baum's genial character into a psychotic murderer. Gregory Benford 's novel Foundation's Fear , set tens of thousands of years in the future, depicts a group of robots named tik-toks, who are responsible for supervising the automated farms on the planet Trantor.

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A tik-tok revolt against the forces of the Galactic Empire play a major role in the novel. Tik-Tok was played by Wallace Illington in the film, The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays , which is now known only from a production still or two. In , the comedian James C. Gottschalk , Victor Schertzinger , and Oliver Morosco. The role of Tik-Tok was a straight man role similar to that of David C.

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His legs are very stout and he speaks with his mustache rather than his teeth. In the movie, he is the entire Royal Army of Oz, which is ironic considering his general haplessness, partly from the character's in-book inability to wind up his clockworks for himself. In an interview for the Elstree project, [4] director Walter Murch explained that Tik-Tok's physical performance was created by acrobat Michael Sundin : "he would put his legs down into Tik-Tok's legs, and then he would bend over looking through his legs, through his thighs, and then he would cross his arms [across his chest] to operate Tik-Tok's arms.

Due to the heat and physical exertion of being upside-down, according to Murch, Sundin's "limit was two and half minutes from the moment the lid went on.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the novel by John Sladek, see Tik-Tok novel.

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Dunn and Richard D. Erlich, eds. Retrieved 14 April — via YouTube. Children's literature portal.

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. John R.

Adaptations and other derivative works.

Tik-Tok Of Oz Tik-Tok Of Oz
Tik-Tok Of Oz Tik-Tok Of Oz
Tik-Tok Of Oz Tik-Tok Of Oz
Tik-Tok Of Oz Tik-Tok Of Oz
Tik-Tok Of Oz Tik-Tok Of Oz

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