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Add it to our wiki. Read More Edit Wiki. Oh my angel At least thats what you were to me When you promised to love me, yeah Till eternity Ohh ohh ohh Tarnished angel What happened to that halo you wore You used to be so good to me boy But your no good no more I thought i had everything Till you told me all those lies I thought you were an angel darling But I found you were a devil in disguise Tarnished angel Ahhww yeah Although your a devil to me Still I will.

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Tarnished Angel

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The Tarnished Angels Blu-ray - Rock Hudson

Log in to add a tag. One wreck propels a pilot at us as if he were shot out of a cannon, dashing him against the ground at mph. Like Billy Wilder, Douglas Sirk was attracted to aviation themes. The cast has one major problem: a miscast Rock Hudson. For everyone else Angels might be a career-best movie.

Robert Stack is a perfect fit for the tightly-wound Roger Shumann, a man with haunted eyes and a rigid inability to be honest with his beloved enablers crazy show-biz family. Jiggs loves LaVerne and may be the father of her child — but he loves Roger more and can somehow live with them both in a screwy broken triangle relationship.

The same goes for the ostensible villain, Robert Middleton. By the time Matt Ord is to collect on his filthy bargain, his lust for LaVerne almost seems benign. Jack is growing up in a bizarre family situation, as so many kids must.

Young Chris Olsen performs in the thick of the drama and always fits in. The consistently good Dorothy Malone is a marvel as LaVerne, a woman living in an exceedingly unstable relationship. LaVerne is both constant and adrift in her love; a character too complicated, too real for Hollywood in On the ground she can barely hold her family together.

Tarnished Angel - Anita May & Interstate 5

The Tarnished Angels succeeds where other movies about barnstormers fall short. Taking a break from Thoreau-esqe imagery and pastel colors, Douglas Sirk creates excitement out of raw danger. The stark scenes of the aerial steeplechase are riveting.

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Poor Jack experiences a similar trauma, stuck on the play-airplane ride while his Dad is imperiled just a few yards away. We feel the same as he does — we want to stop this crazy ride and get off. The farewell epilogue of Tarnished Angels reminds a bit of Wild River , only with people separating. After all that bloody havoc, characters fly off to a new destiny… in an airplane.

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I think the reviewers and the public alike rejected The Tarnished Angels because it failed to deliver the expected inspirational Rock Hudson vehicle. In the year of The Bridge on the River Kwai , perhaps nobody wanted to deal with such depressing, perverse story elements. The trade press reviews instead acted as if the show were a misfire for other reasons. William Schallert has a couple of seconds of memorable screen time in the newspaper scene, while scurvy Robert J.

Wilke is a nasty-minded mechanic pestering little Jack.

Tarnished Angel Tarnished Angel
Tarnished Angel Tarnished Angel
Tarnished Angel Tarnished Angel
Tarnished Angel Tarnished Angel
Tarnished Angel Tarnished Angel
Tarnished Angel Tarnished Angel
Tarnished Angel Tarnished Angel

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