Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, Volume II

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Grisill Prosser was married a second time, in , to Morgan Watkins, an attorney, and was buried on August 21, Her daughter, Denise Jones, died single in , as Theophilus Jones states, and her tombstone in the Priory church records her descent. The third girl, Rachel, married John Turberville, one of the Turbervilles of Llangattock, who claimed kinship with the Elizabethan poet of that name. The following pedigree shows the descendants of the three daughters of Henry Vaughan's second marriage, so far as they can be traced.

It will be seen that I can give no evidence of the existence of any living descendants of Henry Vaughan.

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Henry's grandfather, Thomas Vaughan, a younger son of Charles Vaughan of Tretower, seems to have come into the possession of Newton through his marriage with an heiress of the family of Gwillims or Williams. Newton, or in Welsh Trenewydd, is a farm of about acres in the manor or lordship, and near the village of Scethrog, both being in the parish of Llansantffread and hundred of Penkelley.

Williams is a common name in Breconshire, and I cannot trace the descent of Thomas Vaughan's wife. In the sixteenth century Newton belonged to a family who finally settled on the name of Howel, ap Howell or Powell. William of Llanhamoloch: and they had issue one daughter called Denys. He died 2nd June, Theophilus Jones ii.

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Their son Charles died without issue, and the property passed to his wife Mary Anne in Harl. She afterwards married Hugh Powell, clerk, parson of Llansanffread and precentor of St. A trace of Thomas Vaughan is probably preserved in a window-head from the old church of Llansantffread, now destroyed, which has the inscription:—. Of Henry Vaughan, the poet's father, very little is known.

His name appears in a list of Breconshire magistrates for The only additional definite fact which I can here record of the poet himself is that in he entered a caveat against any institution to the vicarage of Llandevalley, he claiming the next presentation under a grant from William Winter, Esq. Rye has shown that the specimen of handwriting facsimiled by Dr. Grosart in his edition of Henry Vaughan's Works cannot possibly be the poet's. The signatures, however, on the margin of a copy of Olor Iscanus , once in the library of Lady Isham, might be genuine.

The only College records which help us are the Battel-books for and That for is unfortunately missing. The Rev. Llewellyn Thomas kindly informs me that he can only trace one undergraduate Vaughan in the two books in question. The Christian name is not given, but I think that we must assume it to be Thomas. This omission is the more noticeable as he would naturally have done so in the lines Ad Posteros vol.

He describes Thomas Carew, for instance, as of C. And there was another Henry Vaughan of Jesus, who may have been confused with the poet. He afterwards became a Scholar and Fellow of Jesus, taking his B.

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In he became vicar of Penteg, co. Monmouth, and died at Abergavenny in Wood, Ath. Grosart from the Eucharistica Oxoniensia , and signed "H. Vaughan, Jes. He has indeed another poem in that volume signed "Hen. There are several passages which make it probable that Vaughan, like his brother Thomas, bore arms on the King's side in the Civil War. The most important is in the poem To Mr. Matthew Herbert may have reinforced a devotion to church and monarchy that the boys would have learned at home.


Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist Volume 2

Like several others among Vaughan's clerical acquaintances, he later proved uncompromising during the interregnum. He was imprisoned, his property was seized , and he narrowly avoided banishment. The buttery books of Jesus College, Oxford show Thomas Vaughan being admitted in May , and it has long been assumed that Henry went up at the same time, although Wood states, "He made his first entry into Jesus College in Michaelmas term , aged 17 years.

There is no clear record to establish Henry's residence or matriculation, but the assumption of his association with Oxford, supported by his inclusion in Athenae Oxoniensis , is reasonable enough. Thomas had clearly attended Cartwright's lectures, which were a great draw at the time: "When He did read, how did we flock to hear!

As the Civil War developed, he was recalled home from London, initially to serve as a secretary to Sir Marmaduke Lloyd , a chief justice on the Brecknockshire circuit and staunch royalist. Vaughan is thought to have served briefly in the Royalist army [13] and, upon his return, began to practise medicine. By , he had married Catherine Wise, with whom he reared a son, Thomas, and three daughters, Lucy, Frances, and Catherine. His courtship with his first wife is reflected in "Upon the Priory Grove", in his first volume of poetry, Poems with the Tenth Satire of Juvenal Englished After his first wife's death, he married her sister, Elizabeth, probably in Vaughan took his literary inspiration from his native environment and chose the descriptive name "Silurist", derived from his homage to the Silures , a Celtic tribe of pre-Roman south Wales that strongly resisted the Romans.

The World. A poem by Henry Vaughan

This name is a reflection of the deep love Vaughan felt for the Welsh mountains of his home in what is now part of the Brecon Beacons National Park and the River Usk valley, where he spent most of his early life and professional life. By Henry Vaughan, with his wife and children, had chosen life in the country.

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However, the collection was not published until , over three years after it was written. This lag is believed to reflect a crisis in Vaughan's life. Vaughan later decried the publication, having "long ago condemned these poems to obscurity. Olor Iscanus is filled with odd words and similes that beg for attention despite its dark and morbid cognitive appeal. The work is founded on crises felt in Vaughan's homeland, Brecknockshire.

During the Civil War there was never a major battle fought on the ground of Brecknockshire, but the effects of the war were deeply felt by Vaughan and his community. The Puritan Parliament visited misfortune, ejecting many of their foes, the Anglicans and Royalists.

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This meant that Vaughan also lost his home at that time. There is a distinct difference between the atmosphere Vaughan attempts to convey in this work and in his most famous work, Silex Scintillans. Olor Iscanus is a direct representation of a specific period in Vaughan's life, which emphasises other secular writers and provides allusions to debt and happy living.

A fervent topic of Vaughan throughout these poems is the Civil War and reveals Vaughan's somewhat paradoxical thinking that in the end does not indicate whether he participated or not. Vaughan states his complete satisfaction at being clean of "innocent blood", but also provides what seem to be eyewitness accounts of battles and his own "soldiery".

Although Vaughan is thought to have been a royalist, these poems express contempt for all current authority and a lack of zeal for the royalist cause.

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His short poem "The Timber", ostensibly about a dead tree, concludes. It was not until the writing of Silex Scintillans that Vaughan received significant acclaim. The period shortly preceding the publication of the first volume of this work marked an important period of his life. Certain indications in the first volume and explicit statements in the preface to the second volume suggest that Vaughan suffered a prolonged sickness that inflicted much pain.

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  5. Vaughan interprets this experience to be an encounter with death that alerted him to a "misspent youth". Vaughan believed he had been spared to make amends and start a new course not only in his life but in the literature he would produce. He described his previous work as foul and a contribution to "corrupt literature". Perhaps the most notable mark of Vaughan's conversion is how much it is credited to George Herbert. Vaughan claims he is the least of Herbert's many "pious converts".

    It provides prayers for different stages of the day, for prayer in church, and for other purposes. It is written as a "companion volume" to the Book of Common Prayer , to which it alludes frequently, though it had been outlawed under the Commonwealth. Vaughan practised medicine, perhaps as early as the s, and attached to the second volume of Silex Scintillans a translation of Henry Nollius 's Hermetical Physick. No dust jacket. Blue cloth boards. Volume II only.


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    Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, Volume II Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, Volume II
    Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, Volume II Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, Volume II
    Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, Volume II Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, Volume II
    Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, Volume II Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, Volume II
    Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, Volume II Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, Volume II

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