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1st Edition

Puff lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. During his years in higher education studying Theater Arts and Egyptian Archaeology, Puff worked as a theater set designer and received many awards for his work from San Francisco Bay Theater Critics. Today he works as a systems computer programmer at Stanford University and builds miniatures, while also pursuing his passion of fine art photography.

Puff began photographing in and later, under the guidance of master printer Mark I. Puff uses modern digital image capture with the extremely permanent and hand-crafted platinum and palladium printing process, merging the contemporary with the historical to produce unique and captivating images. The time-staking printing process he uses, which incorporates platinum and palladium metals into the chemistry, allows for a unique image with a beautiful color and tonal range.

A surreal theme runs through much of his work, as he uses his strong digital editing skills to manipulate scale and mood creating complex otherworldly images. An image that will be featured in Michael T. Phoenix Rising by Michael T. This past Saturday, March 26 we had the pleasure of hosting a Photogravure workshop taught by Tucson artist Karen Hymer!

The weekend began with a lecture by Karen on Friday night — she talked about the history of photogravure and the evolution of her artwork as she continues to use the process. Seven students joined us for the workshop and got hands-on experience making photopolymer plates from their images, then pulling prints from the plates.

Making the Polymer Photogravure Print

Karen taught the process using Solarplates, which are steel plates coated with a light-sensitive polymer emulsion. Ink is then applied to the plate and wiped from the highlight areas. Finally, paper is laid on top of the plate and both are run through an etching press. We are forever grateful to our friends at Cattletrack Arts Compound and Santo Press for lending us their etching press — we could not have done this workshop without their help! Exposed and developed plates harden in the sun. Karen demonstrates inking the plate.

Participant Shari Trennert prepares to run her plate through the press. Chris Palmer and Karen compare a test print with another print of the same image to check for contrast and density. Gina uses a cotton swab to fine-tune her ink application. Cyd lays a sheet of fine-art water color paper over her inked plate before running it through the press.

Participants enjoy letting their creativity run free and working in a community environment. Participants let their finished prints dry before taking them home.

alternative process | Art Intersection

Images from Light Sensitive In my work I reject accepted forms of photographic meaning, but try instead to create moments of lucidity through a meditation on form and intention. This tends to minimalistic results, and the pictures are often purified of all but essential structure. I set my own rules but often live by violating them. In place of traditional approaches I invest in a deep contemplation on the physical materials of the photographic act itself, in the tradition of Fox Talbot.

I live and work in New York City. These works are chemigrams, a type of photographic art made without a camera and without a darkroom. In this process, black and white photographic paper is exposed to daylight and then is coated with a varnish, which functions as a resist. By soaking the paper in fixer and developer alternately, the resist is gradually lifted, and color is created by the physical effects on silver grains in the emulsion that result from a certain rhythm of soaking. The artist may intervene, attacking the paper with knives, sticks, or hands to induce additional imagery.

The process has antecedents going back to the origin of photography. I have no formal training in fine art or photography, nor was I given a vintage camera by an aging relative when I was a child. Nevertheless, I consider myself a fully-engaged amateur photographer and printmaker who combines 21st-century digital devices with 19th-century printing processes to create handmade photographic images.

I am compelled to explore the ephemeral beauty of everyday life, sometimes in deliberate compositions, but more often in incidental situations. These prints display a range of scale and chroma. They represent my efforts to convey a mood or a visual idea, and nothing more.

Producing unique prints by hand seems the perfect approach for such imagery. She received her first camera at 10 and taking it to Girl Scout camp, she promptly left it behind. A few years later and being much more responsible, she purchased her first manual SLR.

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Coming full circle, Erin primarily works with film, vintage, plastic and lensless cameras and in historic and alternative processes. Tom Persinger is a photographer, writer, and the founder of F His photographs have been shown in numerous exhibitions and are in private collections in the United States, Europe, and Japan. His work has been featured in many publications, including Afterimage, Ag, Photo.

He is especially interested in contemporary photography that considers in its manufacture the intersections of process, subject, and content and the work that can be created in that exciting intersection. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his wife and two sons.

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Keith shared his expertise with the class and showed the process he uses to make palladium and platinum prints. Some of the dry prints on the critique wall.

Others were still too wet to show by the end of the workshop. Order Cape Fear Press Products with secure online processing at shopify! You help support the arts when you buy from an artist run business. Everything I sell here, I use for my own work and research. Etch silver with ferric nitrate. Exposes with a positive. The larger rolls are Puretch Film Specs here. Processing Instructions included with film. Apply to acrylic, PETG or metal sheet.

Expose, develop and print. Print directly onto film with any front-feed Epson. Detailed processing directions included with tissue. The quality has been tested by us for photogravure etching and it is excellent! Packaged in a case of 4 bottles, 1 gallon each. Lamp Black. Super smooth and highly pigmented, cool black. Izote handcrafted inks are unrivaled in their tonal range, pigment load and fineness. They are specifically made for the delicately etched tones of photogravure and aquatint but work well for all etching and intaglio printing processes.

The squeegee blades make great inking cards for etching and are gentle on the metal while holding its edge for a very long time. The material is solvent resistant. The squeegee cards conveniently stand up on the inking slab. Card ink with the factory molded edges. I am making screens again using the same technique as before but with much more refined grain quality and better resolution. Achieve a similar look to a traditional aquatint without the equipment, space or skills needed for applying a consistent dustgrain.

This screen is meticulously made by hand with an exacting process and developed in a darkroom.

Custom Printing

There is nothing digital about this screen. The screen resembles very fine asphaltum dust in resolution and the grain blends smoothly when exposed at the optimum time. The feedback on these screens has been quite positive. Users report good tonal range with a continuous natural grain that is finer than rosin.


All screens are custom made so shipping can be up to 2 weeks. DYE Inks are the absolute best for transparencies. Our new formula has a lightfast rating of 7 out of 8 so this new ink will work better when printing multiple contact prints from negatives! Cape Fear Press designed the original dye inkset in specifically for photogravure positives but the new inkset will work incredibly well for for continuous tone digital negatives for alternative photographic contact printing processes such as carbon, cyanotype, gum, albumen, silver gelatin, platinum-palladium, Woodburytype, etc.

It is also designed for Black Ink Only printing for screenprint halftones, letterpress negatives, Puretch halftones and more. Profiles are Included and can be further calibrated to your process. The continuous tone profile is capable of printing in excess of 3.

Pigment inks rarely offer the Dmax required for several alternative processes. Grayscale inks will naturally produce the smoothest and most artifact-free transparencies. Dye-based inks will ensure the highest resolution and blending for continuous tone transparencies. Dye will always print consistently in density and smoothly in the transitions because the tonal mixture is always in suspension and not settling in the cartridges like non-Epson pigment inks can.

Dyes will also penetrate the transparency coating and are more scratch resistant than pigment. The inks can also be used in other Epson printers but a custom QTR ink profiles will be required which we can do for a fee. We can assume no rensponsibility for your using non Epson inks in your printer.

Photogravure Studio Manual Photogravure Studio Manual
Photogravure Studio Manual Photogravure Studio Manual
Photogravure Studio Manual Photogravure Studio Manual
Photogravure Studio Manual Photogravure Studio Manual
Photogravure Studio Manual Photogravure Studio Manual
Photogravure Studio Manual Photogravure Studio Manual

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