He Sees You When Youre Sleeping

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No one is good all the time, says the right things, is continually pouring out acts of service, and dying to themselves for the greater good of their brother. God knew all that and he still made you. He knew all that before you were even made. The way you would use your mouth to pour out praise and then in the same sentence spew hatred against him—he knew that, yet he still formed you with his hand. All your attempts to exist in isolation, believing that life was possible on your own without community or even Jesus—he knew you would do that, yet he still breathed life into your lungs.

God created us knowing we would forsake him and throw ourselves into the worship of idols. He knows all things and, even with that knowledge, continues to pursue us and search our hearts to expose sin and in kindness lead us to repentance. Being searched out in this way is quite an overwhelming thought. It means that everything we do, think, or say is seen by God and impossible to keep concealed. As Christians there is not only a responsibility, but also a freedom that comes from walking in the light before our brothers and sisters and, more importantly, before Jesus.

Maybe it would be helpful to look at it from this perspective: Before time, God was there. Before Adam and Eve committed the original sin in the garden, God was a God of grace. Before any suffering, pain, or loss would come as a result of the fall, God was a God of comfort. What this means is that we were created by his grace. God knew full well that we would hate him and he would still redeem us through Jesus, opening our eyes to his unimaginable worth, thus producing in us a desire to worship him as our Lord.

In fact, in comparison to the freedom that comes from being known by God, hiding seems like a terrible idea. Which is why David, after giving an incredibly detailed description of just how known we are, asks God to search his heart, inviting God to reveal his sin that he might walk in favor with him.

And the God of grace answered. The Psalms make up what is otherwise known as the prayer book of the Bible. A book intended not just for song lyrics or passages to quote and study, but also for the words that the Holy Spirit spoke for us to pray. Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting! Jesus was a man who claimed to be God.

Think on that for a minute. If that were true, how would it change the way you thought, felt, and lived this life? At Mars Hill, we believe that Jesus is God. We take him at his word. Because of this, everything we do is all about Jesus. Appropriate to the information it may collect, contain, or transmit. Designed to protect the device and any information contained therein from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure. In the meantime, happy holidays, and play safe.

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He sees you when you're sleeping and when you're awake via unsecured IP cameras

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He Sees You When Youre Sleeping He Sees You When Youre Sleeping
He Sees You When Youre Sleeping He Sees You When Youre Sleeping
He Sees You When Youre Sleeping He Sees You When Youre Sleeping
He Sees You When Youre Sleeping He Sees You When Youre Sleeping
He Sees You When Youre Sleeping He Sees You When Youre Sleeping
He Sees You When Youre Sleeping He Sees You When Youre Sleeping
He Sees You When Youre Sleeping He Sees You When Youre Sleeping

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