Fidel Castro - Biografía de un presidente cubano y líder (Spanish Edition)

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Attainment of power

Esta ley de leyes es hija de su tiempo. No basta con proclamarla, es necesario hacer efectivos sus preceptos. No obstante, todas las infamias se desvanecen frente al hecho irrefutable del apoyo masivo de nuestro noble pueblo. El escenario hoy es otro. Se culpa a Cuba de todos los males, usando la mentira en el peor estilo de la propaganda hitleriana.

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Esperamos que la comunidad internacional responda con conciencia y sentido del deber ante tan peligrosa experiencia, y que no haya que lamentar cuando sea demasiado tarde. Ambas direcciones con igual importancia. But I stayed myself asking what voces of outside they know of the Squid or to of communism. I am not going to discuss about communism, after all we think of well peculiar form.

About Squid, alone I go speak a thing, he was a union leader, that was an of the responsible by the consolidation of a departure PT , that always he participated of lawful form and under democratic bases. Then, he speak that he is communist, simply by the talk, does not he bond. Then for more more radical be the near president still will have a congress.

Social change or economica, infelismente, I do not believe that will occur, independent whose will go the president. I bet that's what they use at the ONU i. UN conventions! Patinho, I'm glad you're a sensible person and I guess we're just going to have to agree to disagre! I'm sorry but Castro never threatened to kill the Americans, it was, once again, one of those mechanical translators misundertandings Currently shocked about bombing in Indonesia The world is not looking too good at the moment. Viva Lula! Isso significa alguma coisa.

God, what a paranoid article! Jobs, more affordable housing, education, security and etc. This Constantine C. Menges is a stupid one! Why US is the only country that can have Nuclear Weapons?

Latin American Spanish

Soon or later we gonna be taged as Terrorists! Terrorism acts are in any place in the world! American people make a lot of good things as bad things as anybody else. I hope that peace will prevail at the end. God bless us all! I've live in Amazonia area for 10 years, and do you know what are the main companies destroying the forest? American Companies and Pharmaceuticals! Secondly, this communist paranoia put in your head, just like the Misel Crises with Cuba has also been created to justify any future invasive. So, where is the "Freedom" that the American people talk so much about?

Or is it, "free, as long as you don't go against American interests, which includes exploitation and devastation, so you can have the way of living you do? Gee, guess who is driving the destruction of the rainforest. According to an October 31, Greenpeace report: "A recent Greenpeace report, Partners in Mahogany Crime, found that the mahogany trade is driving the destruction of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and is run by a corrupt industry which is undermining traditional cultures, and leading the illegal destruction of the world's most biologically diverse ancient forest.

According to information obtained from workers, the wood seized at the Juvilandia farm belongs to Osmar Ferreira. Much of the mahogany paperwork is falsified and the wood is then exported by these companies to international markets, predominantly to the US, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.

This mahogany is used largely in luxury goods such as yachts, high-class furniture, musical instruments and coffins. US demand for this product I am sure will be blamed for this destruction and mayhem.

Tres días con Fidel

At no point should one ever blame the country actually harvesting the rainforest. I can only infer that you view your own countrymen as mindless, robotic dupes enslaved by US consumer demand. It is nice to know you think so highly of your fellow Brasilians, perhaps this self-loathing is what prompted your move to the States? By the way, I harbor no paranoia, I agree that much of that was overboard and over-simplified.

However, wouldn't it also be fair to say that the paranoia of alleged US imperialism in Latin America is often a bit overboard and over-simplified as well? How quickly the tables turn. How can you stand living in the belly of the beast? Besides, it is a whole different issue to "talk" to people on the Internet and to have actually lived in different countries.

I am a great admirer of Clinton, who had a very good International Politic, 8 years without wars. Bush only needed a couple! Secondly I could start name companies that have fabrics in third world countries because they are cheaper like Nike, Levi's, productions in the apparel industry that many times are also employers of children. I am not denying the faults my country has, otherwise I would be acting just like you, but that is one difference, Brazilians do not deny them.

Many times we fought, we go to the streets, we risk our lives. The issue is that you shouldn't be talking about things you don't know, and ask further about the things you read on the newspaper. If you don't question your self and do not accept the fact that other truths might be at hand then you are being dogmatic only. I do not believe America is a beast, nevertheless it's people, but liberty of expression does exist and if I have more information than you to criticize then I should do so.

I love my country, but that doesn't stop me from criticizing it, when things are going too bad! Ethnocentrism limits our options and our perspective towards the world. About the companies in Amazonia, the only reason why I don't name them to you and I never said that only American companies devastated it, but they were there as well, and I admit, many times behind corporate shields, and along with Brazilian Companies , because this under investigation and project of the University I used to attend. Furthermore, I don't believe you are the most qualified people to judge us about devastation and preservation, considering you have killed all your Native Americans, and devastated most of your forests, so we could have the way of life we do.

Brazil has one of the biggest protected areas for native Brazilians, and even though many of them are now alcoholics and deal the wood on their preservations, many have never had contact with civilized man. Besides, think with me, for real, not with hate or any kind of judgment because we are having this little "thing" here, but what would you think USA would do if Amazonia was in America, with all the gold, diamonds and natural resources there?

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Of course it would use it, like it did with those that are here already. We might be mistaking in many things but we have good people there trying to fight it, people that are giving their time, away from their families, and I didn't talk to anyone about it, I saw it, I was there. Just think about it, just give it a chance that the world and the Elites are about power and money. Lula has been in our lives for many years, we were there, we talked to him, we didn't watched on the news, or we didn't read in a magazine, so maybe you should give credit for what we say.

Brazilians aren't about war, just read about it. In history that you seem to know so little about. We are about soccer and carnaval, and we are about minding our own business. We only want to raise our kids in a better Brazil, and be more nationalist.

Reflexiones de Fidel Castro: Fidel Castro: El Cumpleaсos

The big preoccupation of the international market behind excuses like he being friends with Fidel isn't the friendship per se, but that Mr. Silva was going to be way more strict to international trades, etc than previous presidents have been. We are mostly worried about millions of people that do not have what to eat, and as an American you should be happy that the biggest DEMOCRACY in Latin American showed maturity to change and give better hope to its people. Furthermore, I'd like to state right now that the original poster of this message is a startingly stark example of the typical ignorant American boob; the kind of guy H.

Mencken would be lambasting today if he were still alive. I would like to point out a few flaws in your arguements, however: 1 "I am a psychologist, so I understand human nature" If you believe this, then you certainly didn't listen very carefully during your required sociology classes at the university. Psychological reality is not social reality. Individuals in the aggregate are a different kind of phenomenon than individuals on their own. The American empire doesn't exist because every individual American gets a thrill out of excersizing power: it exists because a handful of very rich, very powerful Americans want it to.

Their interests are not the same as those of the vast majority of Americans they rule. You raise an interesting point when you ask why the masses of Americans don't rise up and overthrow the crooks in power. That they "feel good about oppressing others because this is human nature" is not the answer, however. Sometimes, however, they sit like a lump on the log while injustices occur, just like the Americans are doing now. You're probably too young to remember what things were like back in I suggest you read some of the many books written by activists from that time.

The one thing they all agree upon was the fact that their struggle against the dictatorship was completely removed from the concerns of the average Brazilain "man in the street". There are around 1,, Indians in the U.


Many of these Indians have a culture and lifestyle that is quite different from that of your "average" American. I've worked on reservations in both Brazil and the U. American variety. Brazilian Girl, I really think you don't know what you're talking about here. Clinton fought a major war against Serbia, don't you remember? Hell, that's just what I remember off the top of my head. Oh yeah! There was also the U. However much you like him in comparison with Bush, Clinton was not a man of peace.

In fact, he represented the same elite American interests that Bush now represents, though admittedly, he was more mediagenic. Brazilian Girl, like the Americans you criticize, you seem to be very poorly informed about issues which you are willing to fight over. The only "human nature" I see being demonstrated here is a sort of brute tribalism: i.

Fidel Castro - Biografía de un presidente cubano y líder (Spanish Edition) Fidel Castro - Biografía de un presidente cubano y líder (Spanish Edition)
Fidel Castro - Biografía de un presidente cubano y líder (Spanish Edition) Fidel Castro - Biografía de un presidente cubano y líder (Spanish Edition)
Fidel Castro - Biografía de un presidente cubano y líder (Spanish Edition) Fidel Castro - Biografía de un presidente cubano y líder (Spanish Edition)
Fidel Castro - Biografía de un presidente cubano y líder (Spanish Edition) Fidel Castro - Biografía de un presidente cubano y líder (Spanish Edition)
Fidel Castro - Biografía de un presidente cubano y líder (Spanish Edition) Fidel Castro - Biografía de un presidente cubano y líder (Spanish Edition)

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