Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition)

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Eu gosto muito de você

Which language?

Eu gosto muito de você

Jump to phrases See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder. Tudo bem? Tudo certo?

How are you? Como vai?

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Como estamos? Quanto tempo! What's your name? Como se chama? My name is Eu me chamo Where are you from? Venho de Sou de Boa sorte!

os 4 manos - Eu amo você(2001) ( versão " Brasileira" de How Deep Is Your Love do Bee Gees )

Good Health! Toasts used when drinking Viva! Have a nice day Tenha um bom dia! Escreve isso p'ra para mim, por favor? Do you speak English? Do you speak Portuguese?

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Yes, a little reply to 'Do you speak? Como se diz Quanto custa? Sorry Me desculpe!

You love your children in Portuguese - Answers

Sinto muito! I'm so sorry! Onde fica o toalete? If you want to ask your lover out and turn your love official, you might want to say vai namorar comigo? There are several layers to this — you can either ficar com or sem compromiso — the former where you are seeing one person exclusively and the latter is when you are seeing someone without any commitment.

Brazilians are often incredibly romantic and have a selection of wonderful phrases that can make you feel like the centre of the world. After some time in a truly committed relationship, you may start to see your partner as your significant half, someone that makes you feel whole.

The Romance Languages Comparison

It is usually saved for a serious relationship and serves to show just how important the significant other is to the person who declares this heartfelt statement. When two lovers are apart and are working through a distance-relationship, the Brazilian Portuguese language has the perfect expression that captures that pain and anxiety of being far away from loved ones. In long-term relationships, it is regularly used as a pet name for a loved one in Brazilian Portuguese.

Querido , docinho and amorzinho are affectionate pet names for a loved one in Portuguese. Querido a roughly translates to sweetheart or dear. That feeling of love can be utterly consuming and makes us think of little else except the person we are falling for. Love is in the air pixabay. Save to Wishlist.

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The sing-song rhythm of the Portuguese language is filled with passionate and heartfelt expressions that capture the intensity of their love.

Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition) Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition)
Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition) Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition)
Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition) Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition)
Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition) Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition)
Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition) Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition)
Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition) Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition)
Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition) Eu Amo Você (Portuguese Edition)

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