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As a young boy, Mateo worships Rafael, who is Mateo's hero. Xiomara often babysits Mateo, while Jane is busy at Grad School and enjoys being a grandmother. Alba and Mateo spend almost as much time together and Mateo does with his parents — especially his mother — as he is growing up in her house.

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After his kidnapping and the subsequent toll on the family, Alba was seen to have Xo and Jane rest and taking over care for Mateo a short while, a strong family unit helping each other in times of need. Little Mateo is also named after his maternal grandfather, his first middle name is Rogelio.

His grandfather likes to incorporate this in their exchanges, calling him 'Matelio'. He is shown to have a good relationship with his grandfather. Luisa and Mateo have not had a lot of contact. Although physically responsible for the emanation of Mateo [3] , Luisa has been absent for long periods during Jane's pregnancy [4] [5] and Mateo's paternal aunt was, unbeknownst to his parents, kidnapped at the time Mateo's christening took place [6].

However, Luisa has been consistently supportive of Rafael and his relationship with Jane, as well as Rafael's wish to secure Mateo a great family life. Following Luisa's disappearance with Rose and subsequent reappearance with her 'new girlfriend' really Rose in disguise , Rafael doesn't trust her and is reluctant to let Luisa into his life, as is Jane. As a result, Luisa hasn't met Mateo and it doesn't look like he will, as Rafael shuns Luisa from his life following Rose's imprisonment, which detonates the former siblings' relationship.

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Mateo meets his other great-grandmother for the first time at 8 months old, and they spend some time together hanging out in Jane's room and taking a walk while she is visiting with the Villanuevas [7]. Little Mateo meets his great-grandfather for the first time at 8 months old, when Manuel came to visit the Villanuevas for the first time [7].

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This also marks the first time Mateo's mother, Jane, meets her paternal grandfather. Michael was not only Mateo's stepfather, he was also his godfather. Before his Christening, Jane and Rafael agreed that Lina and Michael would be his godparents, however, Rafael and Michael were not getting along very well and so Jane offered to change Mateo's godfather.

Rafael put his differences with Michael behind him and agreed that Michael would make a good godfather. As a stepfather, Michael and Mateo had a close bond and a special connection. Michael often looked after Mateo and would often entertain him with a hand sock puppet of a bee or with his 'impressions'.

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Mateo called Michael 'dada' before Rafael which made Rafael, understandably, uncomfortable and jealous. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. This view is present only in the staff client, not the OPAC. This can be used for 2 main topics :. This value should not change after data has been added to your catalog.

In the example above, the a field will show the MARC authorized values when cataloging. An easy way to create a new framework is to import one created for your or another Koha installation. This framework would need to be exported from the other system using the instructions above to be available for import here.

To import a framework you first need to create a new framework. Once your import is complete you will be brought to the framework edit tool where you can make any changes you need to the framework you imported. While Koha stores the entire MARC record, it also stores common fields for easy access in various tables in the database. In many cases you will not have to change the default values set by in this tool on installation, but it is important to know that the tool is here and can be used at any time.

It is possible to link more than one MARC field to a database field. Using the framework pull down menu, choose the Framework you would like to apply this rule to. Chain together the fields you want to show after the item title in the order in which you want them to appear. Authority types are basically MARC frameworks for authority records and because of that they follow the same editing rules found in the MARC bibliographic frameworks section of this manual.

To learn how to add and edit authority types, simply review the MARC bibliographic frameworks section of this manual.

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Filing rules are mapped to Classification sources. Match points are the criteria that you enter that must be met in order for an incoming record to match an existing MARC record in your catalog. You can have multiple match points on an import rule each with its own score. An area to watch out for here is the sum of the match points. Double check that the matches you want will add up to a successful match. Match checks are not commonly used in import rules. However, they can serve a couple of purposes in matching records.

First, match checks can be used as the matching criteria instead of the match points if your indexes are stale and out of date. The match checks go right for the data instead of relying on the data in the indexes. If you fear your indexes are out of date, a rebuild of your indexes would be a great idea and solve that situation!

For example, if you have a matching rule as below:. The Match Checks can be a really useful tool in confirming true matches. When looking to create matching rules for your authority records the following indexes will be of use:. Once you have configured all your sets, you have to build the sets. From here you can add custom search fields to the item search option in the staff client. Once your new field is added it will be visible at the top of this page and on the item search page. Before using the Acquisitions Module , you will want to make sure that you have completed all of the set up.

This data is not automatically updated, so be sure to keep it up to date so that your accounting is kept correct. Budgets are used for tracking accounting values related to acquisitions. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

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Photos: Omega-3 recovery. A remarkable recovery — Grant Virgin, 16, after he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. Doctors advised his family to let him go, saying his odds of survival were slim. Hide Caption.

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A remarkable recovery — The Virgin family believes that fish oil ultimately altered Grant's life course, and healed his brain. A remarkable recovery — Grant Virgin underwent multiple surgeries and spent considerable time on a ventilator. He was in coma, and his doctors urged his family to "wait and see" while his brain healed. A remarkable recovery — Grant with his father, John Virgin.

Says Virgin, "We had been told he'd never be able to recognize anybody, he will never be able to focus his eyes, all the grim stuff. A remarkable recovery — Grant Virgin in the hospital. The Virgin family heard about a CNN report on a teenager named Bobby Ghassemi , who nearly died in a car accident before getting a large infusion of fish oil. A few months later, Ghassemi attended his high school graduation. A remarkable recovery — Grant Virgin and a nurse.

Forty-eight hours after receiving high-dose fish oil, he called his mother in the middle of the night and had a conversation with her. A remarkable recovery — Grant with his father John Virgin. The Virgin family believes fish oil could do for others what it did for their son.

Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score
Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score
Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score
Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score
Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score
Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score
Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score Como O Nome Da Virgen - Score

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